Archetype Gojira with a Quad Cortex

Hi everyone, I’ve just tested the Gojira plugin for a week and I really like the sound of it. Can you tell me what are the amp / efffect / cab that I can use un a quad cortex (I will receive a unit at the end of the week) in order to get the “same” or near the same sound ?

Thank you very much.

You can capture the plugin tones

Joe Duplantier plays through an EVH III EL34 amp head and 4x12 accompanying cabinet. You can also get close to their sound with a Peavey 5150. Lots of mid and not much use of distortion. Gojira is well-known for not using that many pedals like overdrives or compressors. Just a noise suppressor and for some tracks whammy/delay.

They’re the kind of band who let their amps do the work mostly. Combined with exceptional picking technique and you have the Gojira sound.

Or… capture the plugin.

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Sorry for being late, thank you both. I think that a capture would be interesting to do.

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There are some Gojira presets on the Cloud I’m pretty sure that would be worth checking out too.