40% fraud

The one with the 40% on all plugins, was the perfect scam. I have tried several times to buy the Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Suite plugin for 99 €. Each time I had to pay €117.81 including tax. Sad that Neural has to commit fraud in order to be able to sell its plugins.

the one that said it was for repeat customers only? Or otherwise you have to buy 2 PUs to get the discount? That one?

or this one, that says you have to buy Morello and the Mesa together to get the discount?

which of these were you referring to?


I got the Mesa Mark IIC+ plug-in for 40% off on this recent sale without any issues. That’s because I’m already a repeat customer.

I don’t know what your situation is or if you bothered to contact Neural support, but it’s definitely not a scam.

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