What is Single (ST) in IR Loader exactly? + Couple more IR Loader questions

Hi everyone,

I have a couple noob questions with regards to the new IR Loader block… Greatly appreciate any help / knowledge share!

What files are supposed to be loaded into the Single (ST) IR loader block? Can it handle actual stereo IR´s, meaning stereo .wav files like for example the Ownhammer TrueStereo IR´s?

Are the IR´s truncated upon upload? It seems like the QC is taking any files I´ll throw at it without warning of altering them or similar…

What does the ‘Room’ control do? If there’s no ‘Room’ captured and the IR´s are truncated, where does the Ambience come from?
EDIT: The manual explicitly mentiones ‘Room Reverb Effect’, so there’s the answer. Have overlooked this when scanning the manual…