Seriously - the hiss!

He is just right, I come from Kemper and was surprised to find such a heavy hiss on cleaner tones…
and NO, the QC Gate isn’t good at all and the results on clean/crunch tones are just bad (assuming that I’m not on a Zoom G3 but on a 1.700€ piece of gear).
QC is great for many things but your talk seems more of fan than of a pro user.

I just got an award because so many people have clicked the link :joy:, but it’s dead now.

It’s too old to edit, but here’s a link to the wayback machine copy of the page


Your “wayback…” link in the above post is a really critical set of information, direct from Neural regarding grounding for QC users and getting rid of noise in different scenarios. That article should be a sticky.

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i literally admitted that the gate wasnt good, but whatever im just a fan boy

I wonder why Neural removed that support page?

Same experience, the parasites noises of the kemper are much quieter than the QC (or the QC much louder) and yes the gate isn’t very good on the QC way less good than the kemper one.

Eventually it will be solved at some point, at least increase the quality of the noisegate, i think if the noise problem was solvable it would have been since a long time but idk.

No idea. I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into it. Could be a perfectly innocent clerical thing; websites get updated, and pages moved or removed. Seems like a useful one to have left intact and easy to find though.

Sorry if I was rude :peace_symbol:

Hi Bigrockandy… I’m fairly new to the QC… I’m not sure what you mean by setting the input gain to +9.3… Using Input 1, when I drag down from top of touch screen to access all the global input/output settings , I can’t see how you could fix that input at +9.3 …it’s really a guitar/pup level -dependent reading there right? Perhaps I’m not aware of where you can see the input/output gain levels of each block… is that possible? Thanks for your post …It’s interesting to me… I’d like to understand where you make that initial input gain setting of +9.3 Thanks very much

no worries. its all good. I didnt realize the gate was that bad until i falsely thought i had a short in my electronics. turns out its just the crappy gate.

aside from the gate being crap and evertything having more amp hiss than a regular amp would, the only real issue i have with noise is the thing where if you boot it up with xlr outs plugged into somethjing it will have a monster huim

for anyone wondering, yes i finally tried it with just 1/4" outs and it doesnt do the hum thing if its plugged in while booting up, its only the XLR outs.

I posted this a while back, so excuse me if repeat. I play mostly med/lo gain pups. Strats and PAF equipped hum buckers. Very classic rock influenced. I actually use +9.0 now. That’s where the QC’s input gain makes an adjustment and lowers significantly the noise floor. Then I always have my first input block, a gain block set at -9.0db, essentially making it unity gain. Then all amps (which I own quite a few in the real world) behave properly. These settings basically cancel each other out with a much lower noise floor.

Now to answer your specific question. Manual pg 16. Swipe down, which you did. Touch the “input 1” on the touch screen to reveal “input 1” settings. Manual pg. 17, should be big volume knob at left side. That’s it. You can also touch the number itself and (maybe double tap, can’t remember) and manually enter +9.0db. If you use hot pickups it may not work, as in in it may clip.

Just for reference, I own a recording studio and am very sensitive to “hiss”. I love real amps, with their noises i.e. buzzes and their own hiss, but hate electronically generated noise from improper gain staging. Cork sniffing stuff really. I’m not proud of that. Hope that helps.

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What PickinPete just described is called “Gain Staging”, and is a basic principle of setting up your signal path in any sort of multi-device audio signal chain. You’ll hear a lot of mixing engineers talk about this, and that’s because it applies very directly to audio mixers. The QC’s grid is essentially just a digital mixing interface, so the principles of gain staging also apply here as well.

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I eliminated the hiss I was getting by disabling ground lift on the input. Maybe worth toggling this setting before trying anything more drastic.

I also switched to a filtered power block, which helped with noisiness. I got this one:

Dynavox amazon link

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Be sure to use isolated power supply or any digital effect is likely to generate noise

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