Repurpose the Bank Up and Bank Down footswitches when editing a block

It seems a little pointless to be able to bank up/down when you are editing a block. It would be nice to be able to repurpose these. One thought that comes to mind is a simple “undo” button, which would be easier than trying to hit the little touch icon. Another would be an “undo/redo all” toggle, which would let you compare the current parameters to the saved parameters. So if you’re really tweaking a particular effect but then cant remember how the original effect sounded and want to compare, you can just hit “bank up” and toggle between the two. Or maybe, we could use bank up/down to scroll to different blocks so we dont need to exit and re-enter edit mode. We could even re-map Tap Tempo, even though it is a bit more useful than bank up/down, you might not always need it, so might as well have the option to re-map, if you can

I bet there are a ton of different options, and it would be cool to be able to choose what we want to map to those particular buttons, when in edit mode because, personally, I would never use bank up/down. Might as well utilize the few switches we have

might want to tack on your specifics to this thread, would help keep all the votes in one place.
Definitely would like to see these options!

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I added my post to that thread! Thanks!

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I would rather see the ability to use any switch for anything with applicable defaults and factory reset.

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Bank up would be best repurposed to be ‘exit’ and return to main row screen as it is with the looper.

Took me a while to get used to not hitting that to go back and losing all my unsaved changes.

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Now we’re talking!

Yes. You save one going down and fingering the icon to get out of edit mode.

For me it’s a must. I stand up and check the edited sound and then have to go down again to go on play mode again. A lot of times!