New user, some feature requests

Hey! I just bought the Neural QC, and I freaking love this thing. I’ve been a Kemper user since day one, and I still love the Kemper (but it’s a hassle when it comes to dragging it around on gigs and practice).

QC has made me put the Kemper on the shelf for awhile. But there are some features that I really miss in the QC that they have on the Kemper.

One feature I miss on the QC is the “no-cab” feature, which, if anyone is familiar with it, allows you to disable the cab simulator to one output with the simple push of a button, making it simple to use it with a power amp. Maybe there already is a way to do it, but I havent found an easy way yet.

Two: a Delay Widener, like a doubler. The IR loader is one workaround I discovered. Using the “Delay” function with anything like a 25ms delay after dividing the signal after the amp and loading up another on the grid beneath. Then off course to pan the one IR hard left and the second hard right. Maybe the cab sim could get the similar “Delay” feature? Or just a Doubler like in the Petrucci plugin would be cool. The kemper has one that is excellent.

I’m sure there are more things I’ll whine a little about in the future. Lovely to be a part of the QC family, I’ve been waiting along time and selling a lot of pedals and guitars just to get the device :slight_smile:

Thanks to the Neural peps for making a awesome piece of history.

Hi @ilievskism, welcome to the forum.

You can easily disable any cab block and send the output to a power amp. You can also assign a cab block as a “Stomp” and turn it on or off by pressing a footswitch. You can do this with Scenes, too.

This request for a doubler has a lot of votes currently, check it out:

If you have ideas for more requests, be sure to use the search feature first because chances are someone has probably already posted the same thing or something very similar. Cheers.


I appreciate your input. Next time, I’ll make sure to do some research first before I write :slight_smile:

The option to assign a particular “stomp+rotary” to a “Scene” or a “Stomp” would be absolutely fantastic. A-G, for instance, are Scenes, and you might use H to simply activate the Freeze feature with the Scene you just used.

Hybrid mode allows you to mix Scenes and Stomps, BUT it only lets you choose A-D together for one type of function and E-H for another. Personally, I use Stomps for A-D and Scenes for E-H. The manual describes how to set this up.

There are a lot of requests for new ways to reassign footswitches. Take a look at these two which I think sum up what people are asking for:

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Since this seems like it might be duplicated elsewhere, I can close this request if needed/okay?