Neural Quad Cortex App is iPhone Apps store

At least in the U.S. it is.


Confirmed…downloaded and registered. In the U.S. that is… :grin:


Scaling looks like it is locked to iPhone. I just installed it on my iPad Pro and it does not scale to the new size/dpi. Guessing that comes in the future.

Excited regardless…

:heart: :fire: :heart:

There is a small icon with double diagonal arrows in the right lower corner to adjust to screen size on iPad.

Sure…that is a “work-around” provided by Apple. This shows up when the app does not opt-in support for iPad/iPad Pro resolution (height x width) x (scaling) and you don’t supply a storyboard/etc.

Like I said, I am sure it will come in due time.

nice to see the app!

It looks cool. It might be nice to actually include this forum in the app as well as request sections.

Tried the app with my ipad. It would be great if the app supported rotation. I am going to use it mainly with ipad and horizontally is better with my pad on the table…