Missing devices on a new Quad Cortex


Just wondering where I can find this device on Quad Cortex:

British UB Lead: Marshall® Jubilee® Lead Channel

There seems to be no rhythm version of the jubilee either on my device list.

Cortex OS is up to date and it is a brand new device with all the factory settings.

I think there should be an option on the QC Cloud to request for these devises and you could be notified when they’re out there. Sometimes the names on the QC our somewhat difficult to distinguish, maybe the original names are copyright protected?

I’m referring to this Neural’s official list of Quad Core’s devices:


I don’t see that Mesa Mark C2+ device either on my device.

Can I download those missing devices somehere?

I can find it on the QC Cloud:

Or if you search for Studio Pre & 2CPlus on the cloud

You need to check the Virtual Device List in the QC manual for the current list of devices: https://downloads.neuraldsp.com/file/quad-cortex/Quad%20Cortex%20User%20Manual.pdf

Hopefully the rest of the devices will be released at some point.

Exactly, the current implemented devices can be found in the manual and here: Virtual Device List

Sweetwater Studios has some phenomenal captures on the cloud including the silver jubilee to hold you over until the model is released.

That’s good news, thanks

The Marshall® Jubilee® is in the update 1.3

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