Midi functionality question


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the Quad Cortex, I’m seriously considering switching from my Axe FX II XL+ to the 4C. Primarily due to the user interface and size.

Live, my band currently uses an FCB1010 into the Fractal for switching presets and scenes, and the other guitarist and I share my Fractal for both our signal chains. In addition, when I switch to certain presets, I have configured the FCB through the fractal’s midi thru to send midi to a laptop which has samples we use live that aren’t able to be physically reproduced, such as cello, Godzilla’s roar, etc.

Will the QC be able to be configured to send these messages as well, along with the preset/scene changes? The main page states it can send and receive, but doesn’t go into any other detail.