Manual's have a LOT of room for improvement

I’m a huge fan of NDSP plugins, I own basically all of them and use them regularly. I’m also a big amp collector, and have many of the real amps (or similar) that NDSP model.

Its always puzzled me a bit when the HW products have really in depth manuals that explain all the features in depth, why the features exist, how to get the most out of them, and the plugin manuals barely scratch the surface.

NDSP has modelled a ton of cool amps with very distinct and unique behaviours. The original manufacturer’s manuals are WELL WORTH reading if you’d like to get more out of the plugins. IMO the plugin manuals would benefit from either including much of the information from the original HW manuals, or at least linking to the HW one and recommending it as further reading.

Things like:

DRIVE KNOB: Adjusts the amount of distortion.

BASS KNOB: Low-frequency control.

MIDDLE KNOB: Mid-range frequency control.

Are so self explanatory, and there is little else that goes any deeper on the effect they might have.

based on what I’ve seen with the QC manual as well, I don’t think NDSP are that concerned with describing things in detail. There are tons of controls on device blocks in the QC that are not explained AT ALL, and I think it’s left to the user to research further. I get the feeling it’s sort of a ‘release it into the wild and let the users figure it out’ kind of approach.