Killswitch (effect?) pedal

Killswitch (effect?) pedal with knob assignment/immediate Live mute option (hold down). When the knob is assigned to the pedal in the grid it functions by default as killswitch instead of on/off.
Are the knobs sensitive enough for this?
We could call it the “Bucket Ed” in reference to Buckethead.


There are already a lot of requests for new footswitch functions, including A) assigning parameters to switches and B) temporary / non-latching operation:

Let’s say [HYPOTHETICALLY] that A & B are implemented in the future. Then you could set a Gain block on the grid and assign a footswitch to temporarily push the gain parameter all the way down. Killswitch effect in action.

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:smiling_face:Wow thanx @DiffractionCircuit
Got some stuff to read then :+1:t2:

Great overview you’ve got.