Issue with "Save As..."

CorOS Version: 1.0.3

I edited a factory preset by changing the amp block to a capture I created and saved it in My Presets. I uploaded the capture to Cortex Cloud and made it public. That worked fine. When I uploaded the preset I’d saved in My Presets, it showed up on Cortex Cloud, but there was no option to make it public like there was with the capture I created from scratch. I also can’t delete the preset from Cortex Cloud. It says it is deleted when I do it, but when I check again on the IOS app, it is still there. Any idea why this is happening? It appears that Save As on a factory preset to My Presets does not make the preset owned by me and hence when I upload it to Cortex Cloud, I cannot make it public or delete it. My nam on Cortex Cloud is SteveHenning.