High gain tones, Rabea plugin. Praise for these plugins

Hello all, first post here.

So I’ve used Kemper since '17, but will always check in and see what’s happening with plugins.

Last year, I tried the Rabea plugin and was hooked. A sale came up and I took advantage of that. Also got the Morgan plugin, 50% off. Wow. Very, very impressed.

I wouldn’t say they are better than my Kemper, but not worse. They give a different angle to my writing and recording, and though my Kemper remains my main recording tool, I’ve been using these two plugins all of this year so far with success.

In fact I’d say that if you don’t need high gain, I’d recommend going for the Morgan DSP as opposed to more expensive outboard gear.

Being very fussy and using my Kemper as a point of comparison, these two plugins are the only ones I’d use.

I do a lot of ambient stuff; so clean to mid gain and also like to rock out Pumpkins style.

The main restriction I’ve had with plugins since I first tried them back in 2005, has been high gain tones.
With the Rabea plugin I’ve been taking my time to get a good high gain tone, and treating it as a work in progress, not going for instant success. I’ve been looking at Rabea’s useful videos, and enjoying the learning curve.

It’s been improving, but still sounding slightly flat. Any tips greatly appreciated.

Going through an RME UC-Reaper; mainly use a couple of strats for recording, occasionally one of my Les Pauls.