Dynamic EQ for acoustic guitars, electric guitars with amp feed-back and and Vocals

An equaliser that kicks in after a threshold of a certain frequency has been reached.
Here is why it would be sooo cool if you guys could make one:

  1. It could be used to suppress Microphone proximity effect when singer mic technique is bad or the mic has too much of it to begin with.
  2. It could be used as a de-esser to suppress harsh ‘s’ and ‘t’'s for vocals
  3. Most Acoustic guitars have too much boomy bass, it would be great to be able to suppress peaks in boomieness and avoid feed-back.
  4. Feed-back suppressor: When your electric guitar starts feeding back too much with your amp or monitoring without having to notch it (sounds more natural).

there is no such thing as too much feedback my friend :wink:

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