Best instructional videos for QC (not a tone comparison)

I’m looking for some good instructional videos on the QC. Similar to Tone Junkie’s videos on the Kemper (yes, I know he has one for the QC)

All the video that come up are just QC vs Kemper vs whatever. I’m not looking for tone comparison videos, Iw any to learn about the interface more, specifically using for live performances. I like easy access to as many effects as humanly possible when I play live, even if I don’t use them. I feel that individual scenes for each intro, verse, chorus, etc sends me down a rabbit hole that is just overwhelming to me. I like the idea of having everything right there in front of me, and I can turn stuff on and off and I need, but also group some stuff if I want. Anyways, I just want a good video to show how that all works on the QC


Hi @LilSenate and welcome to the community! Maybe take a look at NDSP YouTube channel as they posted about 30 or so tutorial videos a while ago. While some of it is outdated, the basics are still the same. Otherwise, search for some deep dive videos that were posted after 1.4.0 was released to bring you up to current.

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John Cordy has done a few.

[Search for John Nathan Cordy on youtube]

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