All my presets gone after update?!

Just updated to 2.0, and now my QC is completely factory reset? All my presets I made are completely gone? I backed up to the cloud right before update but loading that backup doesn’t do anything except bring me back to factory defaults everywhere. I hope I’m missing something because I put loads of work into my presets. Gonna take me weeks to redo all of it.

Look in the folder called “My Presets”. You shouldn’t have lost anything.


Oh thank god. Thank you so much. There they are. Whew!


It’s all good. Cheers.

I was fortunate not to feel your pain! I had the same but just navigated to my presets instinctively I guess!
SO glad you are good.

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Be sure to review the new updated manual. Those specifics and things that changed are documented well. :slight_smile: Thanks!