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so theres this girl i hooked up with a couple of months ago right? we both had a jolly good time but haven´t seen each other again, we´ve talked every week or so but she would stop responding and then reapper a few days later
Last week we talked more and things heated up, she told me she had doubts because i´m dating someone else ( she knew from the start) even if it was casual but if it was all cool then she was cool with it and we agreed on seeing each other today but now i haven´t heard from her. should i insist and ask her whats up or just let it go?


Just - like a man - stay calm, and wait.
I am waiting. I (want to really) know one day she will talk.

But then - shall she not talk to me in reasonable time (what two-three more weeks), I will stop thinking about her. My other girl is also intelligent, and pretty, just does not like microphones. But, I can handle microphones other way.


my other girl is all that indeed but she lacks the sexual confidence of a lionness so i wanna bag both if possible

there was an update, i replied to her with a joke and she laughed but nothing more. i gave in and late at night asked her hey we still on for this week tell me bout it
she replied with hellos and smiley emojis but no info or answers to questions
should i just be like huh any thing else? or ignore her and see if she picks it up

i would normally not bother with this conversations but as i said we´ve hooked up and last week she was detail heavy on how much she wanted to meet again so yet again my mind is too small to understand the magnificence of this otherwordly creatures we call women

What the hell am I actually reading, right now?

You cheated on your girlfriend and you’re confused why the other girl is having doubts about your “relationship?”

I can say with certainty that your mind definitely is too small to understand the magnificence of this otherwordly creatures we call women

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relax mister it is ok to date many people at once and everyone involved knows. a classic jazz band might even be cookin if ya get the drift

Swing it, swing it. Feel it, it’s music, hear it too.

I punished both of mine. Took one on the floor, while dressed ugly and elevated on a shame display the one, that promised paradise to me, while holding me unfulfilled.
She might still become a complete woman.

(I must admit, I touched another one. Very sophisticated. She will cost me a fortune, but I am getting old and I am tempted, if nothing changes here.)

I’m going to assume this is all an analogy for playing different guitars that went completely over my head and move on

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