Where to from here?

So the recent firmware drop was huge and personally, it addressed so many things that i was waiting for with the QC… the main one being modulation sync. I think the QC is almost perfect (for me, YMMV) but one area that needs to be drastically updated/overhauled is the switching… to be blunt, it sucks big time and it’s so far behind most of the competition that it’s almost embarrassing… to highlight this, the Boss GX100 has just launched and even it, an entry level competitor has custom switch functionality…

Since it’s inception, there’s been talk about “hybrid” switching but to be honest, even what has been proposed is lame in my opinion. To keep up with the competition, NDSP need to make the switches 100% customisable! Let the user decide what should be assigned, allow double tap functionality to really maximise functionality… then the QC will be truly at the top of it’s game…

Of course, these are just my opinions but i feel somewhat qualified as a professional player who’s owned many Fractal, Kemper and other units.


100% to be truly flexible I’ve had to purchase an additional midi contoller just allow for this feature which is already standard on comparitive products by Line 6 & Fractal. I’d like to be able to stay in stomp mode but still have access to some scenes as a standalone unit. In addition we need the ability to set a default state for a scene so if a stomp is activated in a scene and you jump from say scene A to B then back to A it would be good if the scene goes back to it’s default setting! This is not the current behaviour - example: Scene A is my clean but I kick in a light OD stomp, then switch to scene B which is a heavy rhythm amp then I’d want to go back to A expecting to be clean but the OD is still on! So currently you need to switch back to stomp and turn off the OD before you get back to clean. This feature was available on the Fractal Axe II back in 2014 - the parameter was global called SCENE REVERT - if hybrid gets included it would be great if this switchable option could be included.

@tian.jay ABSOLUTELY! This and a couple other minor issues have prevented me from gigging with the Quad Cortex. AxeFXIII and FC12 have spoiled me.

On the FC12 I have two amps using 7 scenes, then 2 switches are set to access two effects each using tap/hold, another is tap for volume boost and hold for gain boost. The final two are used for navigation and tuner.

The Quad Cortex has 11 switches, so I could pretty much do the same, with a much smaller lighter rig, and to me, the plexi I’m using both sounds and feels better in the QC than in the AxeFX, and for less money!

They’ll need to move the copy scene function somewhere else too.