Wha wha gcb95

I use a wha wha cry baby gcb95 with the QC connected in input 1, and whenever I turn it on, the system seems to be overloaded and the sound drops in power and volume.

Any help or advice will be appreciated

Thank you in advance for your attention,


You may have checked already but my first guess would be a weak battery or bad power connection on your wah. If that checks okay, can you try the pedal with an amp or another processor to see if it does the same thing?

Thank you for responding PickinPete,

I"m using a 1spot to power the Cry Baby and when connected : guitar > wha > Line6 M9 > amp, everything works as it should.

Could it be the noise gate peaking and cutting the volume when i engage the wha wha ?

I assumed you’d checked but I’m never afraid to state the obvious. :laughing: That’s an odd one. I can’t imagine that it’s the noise gate but I’m not afraid to be wrong, either. Don’t know if you’re using the gate built into the lane input or a seperate gate block but try shutting it off and see what happens. For that matter, try bypassing all blocks but the amp and speaker blocks and see if the level still dips. One other suggestion, try changing the input impedance on the QC and see if that has any effect. While you’re on the input page, take a look at the input meter and see if it shows the level drop.

I use the noise gate built into the lane input.
Thank for your advice, i will start from scratch a new preset, only with amp and cab, no noise gate, and go from there.
thank you