Update coreOS

Any update when it will be release the next coreOS? I’m needing the hybrid Mode urgently :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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No mention of the hybrid mode has been connected to the upcoming update, nor when that update will arrive.
In the meantime there is a midi-hack that can give you a quasi-hybrid mode right now, all you need is a midi cable:

That’s not quite right. The new CorOs is in testing right now, so it will be out soon (no fixed date yet). They also mention that they hope to release hybrid mode with this update if everything goes as planned.

I saw this, I just don’t want to make loop connections with the hardware to avoid every damage

With MIDI you should be safe creating a loop since MIDI inputs are always opto-coupled.

wow, you’re right. I totally missed the HM mention in the last dev update: “We hope to be able to include it in CorOS 2.0.0, provided everything goes smoothly.” Doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, but it is in print!

Did they announce somewhere that it’s in beta testing? Hadn’t seen it mentioned on Discord yet

I am not aware of beta testing yet. I guess “in development” would have been the right term when I said “in testing”. I meant that they are testing things out. Sorry, the english is hard :wink:

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it will be here soon!! patience is a virtue :wink: