Unable to Install Parallax on macOS

I just purchased Parallax and am very excited to use it in my production workflow; however, I’m unable to install the software on my iMac 5k 2017.

Running a macOS Catalina, Version 10.15.5 and using the current installer on the webpage (v1.0.0), below is the error message I’m receiving:

Any potential solutions for this issue other than reverting macOS?

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I’m also having the same issue on Mac OS 10.15.15 - Mac Mini (2018) i5/64GB RAM/256GB SSD.

I’m able to get through the install to the point I receive this error by clicking “Allow” in Security and Privacy. Mac tries to block this install once or twice during the install…


Hi @enotfed.

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I was able to get around this by disabling gatekeeper via the Terminal in Mac OS. Try this at your own risk…

  1. In terminal, paste the line below.

sudo spctl --master-disable

  1. Terminal might ask for your user password. If so, enter it.

  2. Install your Parallax software

  3. Re-enable Gatekeeper by entering the following in Terminal

sudo spctl --master-enable


Thank you for your swift response and apologies for not being able to get back to you any sooner. I’m happy to confirm that this method worked for me and I didn’t have to go through the Terminal recommendation listed below.

@enotfed No problem! Glad to hear it worked.