Unable to capture synth

I tried capturing some synth sounds from my boss gt10b.
This failed miserably. Especially the sawtooth didnt capture at all.
Just a cleanish sound in the end.
Squarewave was a bit more succesfull.

Is the cortex unable to capture synthsounds?

Interesting experiment, but no… A (guitar) synth is a completely different thing, where the frequency of the string is read and an activates an oscillatior that outputs the desired waveform. The QC can not “oscillate” its own waveforms (unless they implement a synth a la the new Rabea Plugin).

Regarding captures - the QC analyses the “gadget(s)” between the guitar and the output with regard to frequency curves and distortion characteristics and creates a “capture” which reacts the same to the input signal as the captured gadget(s) with regard to dynamics and frequency curve. It can not create an entirely different waveform, like a sawtooth wave, as that is not a distortion product of the guitar signal and the result must be quite random… However, a square (or pulse) wave is somewhat similar to clip distortion, which QC can handle.

Thanks. Great answer