Threads disappearing?

I feel like I’m going mad, but I’m sure there was a thread on here earlier today with some good discussion about people’s attitudes to updates/news/etc.
Has it just been deleted and hidden or am I being an idiot and can’t find it?

Threads on this forum seem to get locked/removed very quickly, even if they contain useful or even pleasant information and discussion.

Blocking discussion is a sure fire way to not only kill any kind of community that may form (and I assume Neural would like a community to form), but also for those that may be angry, it will only make them angrier as they feel they are being silenced and their concerns not addressed.


I think it’s deleted, which I consider a strange form of communication, there was nothing bad in the discussion.


If anything I though some of the responses were pretty good at explaining why people just need to be patient.
Glad it wasn’t just me.


I was one of the patient guys… But now a bit annoyed by the deletion


They locked two of my threads ,I had over 800 views for them in only three days, and the robot type answer is always the same ,it goes like this:

Anything regarding firmware updates, new features etc., will be found at:

Read the latest Neural Dsp News.

Otherwise, no specific dates and or timelines have been given etc.

Buy the product but don’t ask question…it’s so sad.
I wouldn’t be surprised to be banned soon…

Hi @tomfs and thanks for your feedback as it is truly appreciated. Some of these posts regarding timelines for updates and or communication tend to get out of hand quickly which goes against any benefit of the community especially when some posts include verbiage demanding updates. Typically, we will keep a topic open that is generating positive community responses and also responsible for keeping the community clean and un-cluttered.

Unfortunately, we (mods) don’t have ANY additional news regarding communication, firmware updates , dates, timelines and related and don’t know anything more than what is posted publicly. Those that do know (e.g. BETA testers, NDSP devs etc.) are under NDR and prevented from speaking about those subjects as can be expected. The requests for more communications has been raised to NDSP and hopefully they can meet the community’s ongoing expectations in the future.

If anyone wants to contact NDSP directly for any inquiries, please feel free.

We want the community to be beneficial for everyone and hope to meet everyone’s expectations


@yngwie1993 , that is pretty much the answer. There are no specific dates and or timelines other than what is posted on the news page which has been posted multiple times.

Regardless, people are only banned from the community when they don’t follow the rules, not for asking questions. Threads may be locked, deleted as needed etc., just like any other forums in order to prevent clutter. but the goal is to be a beneficial community for everyone.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, @MP_Mod.

Some people in the community are getting impatient and even if I’m not one of them I still think it’s better to let them express their frustration, as long as it’s polite.
I believe it does not help much to lock or delete the threads.
However, moderation is never an easy task, so my opinion could be totally wrong.


the thread-locking does seem a bit more aggressive here than any other forum I’ve frequented.


Thanks for the reply. I totally appreciate that you guys don’t have any additional info, and that is fine.

I also do totally appreciate that there are some very unhelpful and impatient posts/threads on here. However, the thread I mentioned seemed to be quite good as there were a lot of people defending Neural as they appreciate the issues they may be facing having worked in software development themselves.

My opinion is that times like that are good as it shows that there are people who are not only waiting patiently, but also willing to defend Neural to those that are not. This shows trust in the company and the product and would be good for other forum visitors.


No worries. Moderation is difficult and takes time but we do our best to maintain the community.

We try to keep everything civil as our overall mission is really for the community to thrive and be beneficial for everyone. As a QC owner/user, I also want the latest and greatest to support my product and can definitely understand some being frustrated waiting for more communications regarding future updates. Everyone’s feedback is always welcomed and is forwarded directly to NDSP regarding ongoing communications.


Thanks for the feedback and your opinion (as well as everyone’s) is truly appreciated!

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This should be copy-pasted into every post mentioning 2.0. Or firmware updates in general.


@xush, Thanks for the feedback. We aren’t trying to be more aggressive so we will try and prevent that behavior going forward. Again, the feedback is appreciated. Also, as threads, posts are locked etc., it only takes a second to DM a mod to reverse the action if requested. Sometimes we make mistakes based on what we believe is the best action which reaching out via DM will likely resolve the issue.


understood, and thank you. The civility here and at Discord are much appreciated.
I have found occasionally that something may develop later concerning an issue that’s been discussed but locked that could be useful to add rather than start a whole new reconsideration.
Good to know they could possibly be reopened on request!


I think you’re right, it is very frustrating the closing or deleting.

I’m not very much a forum guy but I clrearly don’t get this one for the moment.

FYI, by popular request, the original thread has been restored. Thanks for all the positive feedback, DM’s etc., this thread will be closed.