Just picked mine up from Fedex. :slight_smile: Playing with it and just updated the firmware. I’m headed out of town for the weekend and taking it with me.


Just in time for the big update coming! Congrats!


Ordered May 27th got a call from sweetwater two days ago. Mine should be here Monday.


Ordered on June 17th and my credit card just got charged so I guess that means it is on its way! exactly 5 months.


Congrats to all the new owners! I hope all enjoys theirs as much as I’m enjoying mine!

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There is a demo available at Sweetwater today @ 3:25P EST for $1664.10

Go get it!

I would… but I got in on the very first order batch!

Ordered on July 30th, got the shipping notification today.

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I have a Brand New Quad Cortex, latest updates, never registered online, never been on a floor. I bought a laptop stand so it’s easier to tinker with at eye level. It has the Neural case, two brand new expression pedals and two 10’ XLR cables.

If anyone is interested and in the Chattanooga, TN area message me.

I have about $2,350 total in all the items. Can negotiate a little bit.

The condition is MINT/NEW.

I’m relocating and am trying to sell off everything but a couple of suitcases worth of things. I already have the plugins and I just mostly tinker these days and play along with youtube videos.