Sweetwater Quad Cortex Blues

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Hy Croal,
Sad to hear that you are upset. I can somehow understand your point. But, me personally, identify that act as a small sign that the units seem to be ready soon. As Doug told “he would never charge the full money before the units are ready”…:wink:

However, i somehow understand your frustration. We all are waiting. I hope your 2021 will have a good start with or without a quad cortex.

Regards d.

direct quote from the FAQs page:

“When does the rest of the pre-order become payable? The rest of the pre-order becomes payable when the units are ready to ship.”

my read on this is Sweetwater was merely implementing this policy… which could mean you were within days of receiving a shipment notification.

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I hate to say it but i think your read on this is wrong. Allthough i hope you are right :slight_smile: Neurals last update seems to confirm the units are good while away with this statement:

As we whittle the remaining tasks down to the last few items, updates will be short and farther apart. Do not take this to imply progress has halted. Sometimes several days can pass before any significant changes have been made and successfully tested. This is to be expected at this stage of product development"

Think this means there are at least a couple of updates ahead before shipment. Could be wrong though. I have no hurry and as eager as I am I`ll remain patient. The end result is more important than getting it sooner rather than later.

I’d have thought it’s more likely that Sweetwater are pushing to close their books for fiscal year 2020. Monies booked in 2020 count, wait list income will be booked into 2021 when (if) it gets paid.
I’d be surprised if Neural have anything to do with it, but Neural may take issues with an ‘exclusive’ vendor pissing off their clients.

pure speculation on all of our parts… only a select few know the actual facts… and they ain’t talkin’

I’m a US-based gent with a pre-order at Sweetwater. At NO POINT has my longtime Sweetwater rep asked me to pay in advance.

Not saying the OP is making this up, but this seems like a complete aberration, and perhaps a misunderstanding?


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I don’t understand why they have to charge you to stay in the waitlist. Did they not give you an option to cancel the financing deal but stay in the waitlist? Doesn’t make sense, they’re two separate things. One’s a list of folks and the other’s a payment deal, your Sweetwater guy suuuucks.

You should call and talk to a supervisor at Sweetwater. I agree with you that they should not be committing you to the finance charges without product in hand.

I am not financing my pre-order so I have not gotten that phone call or charged yet.

BTW, this is not a Neural DSP problem but a Sweetwater/Synchrony issue.

I am as anxious as everyone to get my Quad Cortex, I am sure Neural DPS is even more anxious then me to ship the product.

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Yeky83, I agree with one edit…

Take the words “your” and “guy” out of your last sentence and you hit that nail right on the head.

Let’s take a moment to better understand the situation.

Merchants partner with financing firms like affirm, synchrony and such - and enter short term agreements that allow for promotional financing terms with waived or reduced cost to the merchant. There are of course scenarios where that promotion could be extended but they are not guaranteed - and even if they did extend the terms to say, March 31st - what guarantee do you have that cortex will be available by then? None. These financing terms were probably site-wide with sweetwater during the promotional period, it def wasn’t some cortex specific deal as I saw the same options shopping for some expensive guitars.

So it’s not like sweetwater, or even synchrony set this up to dupe you. The delays were unforseen, not the fault of synchrony, sweetwater, nor the members of this forum - the reason you are in this situation is Neural and I am sure they’re really bummed about disappointing you. These delays are costing them a lot of grief and money, I mean this thing was supposed to be in a release state with money flowing 3 months ago already. Not having a new date means even they don’t know exactly when things will start moving, which sucks for everyone.

So it seems you have a few options. Cancel now, keep things as-is and start making the payments anyway using the synchrony promotion, or just update your payment info to a credit card so you can hold your place in line - even if you have no ability or intention to pay using it. Should you decide to cancel after making some payments on synchrony but before receiving the item, I would think your payments would be refunded to you. If you switch to a credit card for payment, you can see what financing options they have in 2021 and go from there.

That said, take it easy man. I totally get being upset and impatient - I preordered on January 10th and it’s been awhile since it was supposed to get to me in September. Like I said, your beef is with Neural, it’s a legit one and you have every right to express your disappointment. The best way to do so is cancel your order, but if like me you realllllllllly want one - you’ll probably only be hurting yourself.

I think the way their preorder system works is they need valid payment info in hand so they can charge & ship without any delay once they have the product. So my guess is with no further action OPs preorder will be automatically cancelled by their system.


Yeah, apparently their system sucks and the sales guy sucks for not working around it.


Agreed. I feel like this can’t be the first time they’ve dealt with something like this- I have a friend who has preordered a number of guitars from them which didn’t actually get sent out till months later.

I am on the pre-order list for QC since just about the beginning of the Sweetwater/Neural DSP partnership. I just called my sales guy out of curiosity. Only speaking for myself and not to dispute anyone else or contradict their experience. I have a Sweetwater Synchrony account like a lot of folks. There was a 36 month plan that ends on Dec 31st that Neural DSP, like a lot of manufacturers, set up with Sweetwater Synchrony. Limited time thing. They have options on setting that back up after the first of the year but at this point it ends in a couple of days. Sales guy told me if I decide not to start billing by EOY, I will revert to a standard 6 month finance plan but would not be removed from the preorder list. So when it comes out my card gets charged and I have 6 months.

He seemed to think it would be mid-January for the first shipment to be received in for distrubution to the preorder folks. I’m optimistic it’s 2-4 weeks. The reality is if you decide to pull the trigger on the 36 month for financial reasons, your first payment is not due until end of January. I would go ahead and let them charge it now and crank up the 36 month billing machine. If it doesn’t come out by the end of January, at that point make a decision to keep paying or cancel your order…Just my two cents…

I can only imagine the cycles these folks (Neural DSP) are putting in right now to get this product out. It looks disruptive in the marketplace.


Blah blah blah.

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I’ve been a customer with Sweetwater at least 15 years… they’ve been great in all my dealings… I’m waiting till they have the QC in stock and on hand for shipments… or they have a very short wait time… if that’s sometime in February or this spring no worries… by then there might be some completed updates too… meanwhile my current live/studio rig sounds pretty great as-is… no big rush.

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