Support doesn't reply (anymore)

Hi all and to the neural-support if you read this.

I have been in contact with the support a few times already. First when I thought about ordering the QC. The support replied very fast and detailed. Then I did receive QC and there were some major problems. So I was not sure wether to keep it or not and again the support was very eager to respond. Then CorOS 1.1.0 dropped and things got worse rather then better. I again wrote the support and they told me that they would investigate. Then silence. After a few more mails of mine they replied with “we can’t read your e-mails, please try again”. Which I did. Still nothing though…

This really reminds me of another company named Darkglass. Using their stuff for the past 7 years or so, I also had very good support in the early days and now I haven’t heard back from them in over 6 months. Neither has the local shop I ordered the product from.
I wonder if this is something the CEO knows about?..

Anyone else having similar issues?

I had a few questions and bug reports I addressed to the support and I always got a helpful answer within a day. To me they seem really engaged and eager to help their customers with problems.

As they wrote they can’t read your mails, maybe that’s a technical issue with the emails!? Hopefullt NDSP will see this post and react, I can imagine the frustration this must cause for you.

Had the same problem. Had to work out with sweetwater after they ghosted my support ticket.

Hey @Rantanplan747. Just checked your past threads with our support team and we replied to all your messages. It looks like there was an issue at some point that caused your messages to not be correctly displayed since you were forwarding all the previous replies every time you sent a new one, but one of our agents contacted you back to open a new thread.

@5_31_am That certainly doesn’t sound right. Could you please send me your address via PM? I couldn’t find any tickets under the address you have registered on this forum.


Hi Gonzalo. Yes, I did now get replies since I opened this thread. I was offered a free exchange so for now everything is fine. Just for the sake of transparency: Here and in the mails it is said that I somehow didn’t correctly reply to mails, which is absurd. I write a mail to the support and then answer every mail that comes in. And once a topic is done and I have new issues I simply write a new mail. That’s how mailing works!? In one of the last mails it was said that:
“On the other hand, we have over nine different threads with you. Please, try to answer in the same thread to follow up this conversation faster.”
To this I can only reply again by saying: “This seems more of a problem on your side to be honest, because I have never had that with anyone else.”
Also because many of my issues were never adressed, I simply re-adressed them.

sure thing I changed my profile handle.

I sent support an email last week about midi and never even received acknowledgment :man_shrugging:

Hey @entendu. Sorry for the late reply. We were checking your case with the dev team, but you should have received a reply by now.

Please check your inbox.