Soldano SLO 100: Time lapse when playing strings

Installed and using the Soldano SLO 100 Plugin with Reaper. I’m getting a time lapse when I hit the strings. The amp acknowledges the strings like 1 second later. (The Delay pedal is OFF)

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thank you!

Assuming you mean latency. In that case check to make sure your settings in the slo plugin are set up correct. Most of the time it’s a simple thing in the settings

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I have the sample rate at the lowest: 44100hz

Any suggestions of what settings I should try?

Reduce your buffer size so that your latency is lower. Check the information here Sample Rate & Buffer Size

Thanks dan. I found out that my Device setting in Reaper did not match the SLO-100 plugin. I’m good to go!