So many Capture choices? Really?

One of the big reasons I bought the QC, is to have an all in one…much easier to transport gigging/ studio go to piece of kit. This thing seemed, almost limit less in its abilities! Download models of pedals, amps and so so many other things!

The great day was here (8 months later) but yay it finally was in my hands (and oh yeah, after i was on the list I thought the price would justify all that power this would give me…but…when they finally shipped it to me, the price had gone up almost $150 WTF?, that like walmart raising the price of your layaways at Christmas when you pick them up!)

Very strange and didnt make me happy at all!

then after i really dug into it, i realized the many reviews i read and watched…the sounds and effects are…eh, average at best…my Helix, (Headrush very very avearge) My GT 1000, my Axe fx and my FM3 (both Fractal Audio) and lastly my (i fogot almost 8 year old) Kemper…They all sound great, but to heavy and bulky, especially to just grab and go for travel (the QC is heads and tails above them all!) And when you add in the audio interface capabilities…WoW!

But sound wise…nope

Now all that being said … i CAN use the loop and my very favourite pedals and gear to shape the tonal qualities of the QC!

Easy enough!

Right now I guess my biggest gripe is that i bought into all the hype about “the available” sounds to import from the QC cloud.

So Ive downloaded about 70 presets from the QC cloud…in “almost every case” the neural captures are missing…some presets had 5 or 6 captures in them and now its a total waste to download "more than is acceptable! I mean you dont even know how the creator intended it to sound, and ive noticed a lot of them are also missing the…output to setting…1/2 2/3 1 2 which one is it?

Dont get me wrong, ive packed it back up for return, unpacked it and packed it back up again and again…I have 45 days, but i think im keeping it-------it can only get better, right??

So since im looking at this from a noobie point of view…

Am i missing something? ive done 50 captures, made 25 fairly good presets and am starting to upload them to QC cloud for judgement by other creators!

i have looked and looked through the forum and could find nothing on this subject.

any help, or pointers would be more than greatly appreciated!

Its a great piece of potable studio on the go kind of thing, it had a learning curve but ive got it down now…at least the basics!

Thanks guys and have a great and safe week out there!


I understand the frustration… I’ve been pretty disappointed by what was delivered and furthermore, the fact that NDSP seemingly appear to be absent from comment/help on their own forum defies belief for me… however, the last update increased the functionality to the point where i can use it live now… there’s still stuff to add/fix/improve but what i can say is that i’ve stumbled across a couple of User captures that have blown me away… more so than any other unit i’ve owned, (and i’ve had most)… I now have a single preset that is so flexible i can perform a whole show with it… the 2 captures i use and highly recommend?

Thorpy Peacekeeper - Drive
Marshall Jmp1959 sl 1980

The combination of those 2 captures alone gives me everything from clean, overdriven/edge of breakup to full on distorted… NB: suitable for rock/pop not really a metal sound…

I’m running 8 scenes with combinations of these captures, with Noisegate, Wah, 2 different Delays, 2 Reverbs, Flanger, 2 Chorusses and Phaser through the stock 412 Brit 35B Alnico Cabinet and the feel and dynamics is amazing, I’m running it direct.

Good luck, I hope you get the sound you want, i’m positive the QC will improve…

Cheers T


There’s the issue that was obviously going to occur and Neural need to implement some kind of quality control here. Alongside ways to audition rigs quickly and easily rather than the rigamarole of downloading things via starring them in the app. PITA.

The issue is simply that there is NO quality control. I can take a shitty capture load it up and then another and another. We could end up with thousands of captures and presets and only a very few good ones.

I know Neural may argue that the capturing process is in itself good, but that doesn’t mean the end capture is going to sit well in a mix.

Lots of R and D still needed imo before this thing catches the Kemper or other devices. It has the potential sure, so I’m keeping mine for now.

Not sure what is being referred to here that the downloaded captures need quality control etc. Capture quality would depend on how the user performed it and what the settings and equipment are etc. How is that different from someone’s preset that may or may not sound good to you? Neural wouldn’t be responsible for this, and shouldn’t be in my opinion.

No, I’m not saying…I just don’t like it, how it sounds is taste relative. not for me to judge

What i was saying, was…am i mistaken when i download over 100 presets, and in almost every one of them…the captures are missing!

Does everyone who puts up a preset go back in a couple of days and delete it so the preset is useless?

Thats what im asking…why are so so so many “captures” just gone…i have yet to find a reason why, also ive yet to find anyone else asking this question.

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I do agree w/ SG0f, we could or LOTS of people could just up load really crappy captures (although a really bad capture might have a nice place in someone song)

wouldnt that just give our community and our product more of a tarnished reputation? like some other brands of units?

we should work together to better our products reputation


yeah, I was a little OT tbh. The main point raised was missing captures from presets. This is frustrating.

My point was more that there needs to be a better way of auditioning captures and presets as many I’ve tried either have missing captures, or just aren’t very good. It’s all well and good saying that a capture is always a good representation of whatever the amp was set at, but this isn’t always true either as anyone will know who’s done a number of captures. Sometimes they just aren’t very accurate and they need redoing a few times.

There just does need to be a better management system in general.

The complaints about “auditioning captures” are confusing to me.
Part of the fun downloading and trying captures is sifting through ones that don’t sound good and then stumbling on one that sounds absolutely amazing.
I love the cloud as is, but would love love it more if they implemented some way to organize captures on the QC and also expand how many I can save. I’m already out of room.
The complaints on this thing are baffling to say the least. No other gear that I’ve seen has such a community and expansive ability to share things and have every drive pedal and amp you can think of readily available on a cloud based system.