Significant improvements needed

OK, to be blunt, I now have tried the Universal Audio Dream, Ruby and Woodrow ‘amp & cab in a pedal’ and, to put it mildly, they show up the limitations of the respective QC models (Fender Dlx, Vox ac30, Fender tweed). Can we expect a significant upgrade of the QC amp (and reverb) models soon?

seems like an awfully broad and strange statement, but ok. Maybe you should not put it mildly, and ask something specific - what exactly are you expecting here?


You could spend your life chasing post-production trends in product demos with your wallet but there’s something to be said for sitting with a tool for a couple years before you replace it with something new.

Which is another way of saying that I’d very much prefer it if ND kept existing amp models exactly as they are. I’d hate to have to remix all my DAW sessions every time the crowd decided there’s a new hotness in town.

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The QC is fine for what I’ll call ‘heavy’ or ‘metal’ (or ‘compressed’ or ‘overdriven’)’ type sounds, but is lacking in clean/edge of breakup accuracy. The iridium showed it up a while back, but the new UAFX pedals really do show it up. It’s not as much the ‘tone’ at any one setting of model and guitar, but it’s lack of coping with playing dynamics : - with the UAs if you pluck gently you get sparkly clean, pluck/strum a bit harder and it starts breaking up elegantly, strum very hard and it distorts inelegantly. Just like a real amp. The QC Fender/Vox models don’t do this - there is only a slight change in breakup due to playing dynamics.

what about captures?

Hey, thanks for your message.

It’s interesting you say that since that isn’t a complaint we hear. Most people praise QC to have some of the best dynamics and real amp feel.

Please send us an email and we might be able to provide some tips or there might be something else affecting the lack of dynamics you’re experiencing.


I find captures to be even more limited dynamically than the amp models ! You need, typically there or four (ie low gain, medium, high, full) to fully capture an amp. Which is ok if you’re happy switching between them as you play louder or quieter…

using multiple captures is pretty much the expectation - like with the kemper. Even though a capture will do different gain levels, it will only be “accurate” near it’s original setting. But it ought to be close with respect to picking strength, since the capture process does use varying levels of input volume and signal types to determine the response. Have you tried adjusting the input impedance to get the best match for your pickups?

Yup, messed around with all possible permutations of settings.
Have you tried a UAD amp pedal? It’s so much easier to experience their virtues rather than trying to describe them !

No - have you tried capturing it? Maybe you’re not comparing the right things?

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What ? Not comparing the right things ?? May I point out that it is YOU that hasn’t tried a UA amp pedal: thus it is YOU that is not comparing the right things.
My comments refer to a direct comparison of the UA amp pedal and the QC (with only the commensurate amp and cab loaded) into my frfr. And I’ve spent a fair while trying to fine tune the QC. I have used several guitars, all with period-correct pickups.

Hi @Digitalchris, this is a community and everyone is trying to help you with your issues as they are not common occurrences. That being said, we are glad you are enjoying your UA pedals and if you are having issues getting the QC to produce the tones you need, please reach out directly to NDSP and they will get you sorted. Good luck!

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