Show clipping alert on all screens

When using the “The Grid”, the QC shows when your In and/or Out is clipping:

However when you are in “I/O Settings” or “Gig View” or other menus, the QC does not warn you.
I would like to always see the the clipping alert, no matter which screen / menu is opened. Because depending on what the display shows at the moment, this could be done by flashing the display red or one or more LEDs. Maybe someone has better ideas, but simply knowing that clipping is happening right now would be good enough for me.

Typically, while the preset is being built etc., you would eliminate any peaking at that time. Once the preset is saved, nothing will change the output from where you left it. If it was built without any peaking etc., it will stay that way and won’t change during gig view etc. Also, the I/O screen does indicate peaking for all the inputs, outputs, returns, sends and USB etc.

@MP_Mod Sure, but let’s say you built a preset at home and then use it live. You hit your strings harder and therefor it starts clipping. Because you are in Gig View, you won’t notice. Or while trying out different effects, maybe different pedals or whole presets in a band practice. I simply think a “global” clipping alert wouldn’t hurt and for sure help out in some situations.
Also the in the I/O Settings screen it does not show you clipping, except when you select IN1 or USB Level.

It does indicate peaking for all the inputs, outputs, returns, sends and USB etc. Look at the meters for each in I/O, there is a small line on the right side etc., if signal goes over that line, it is peaking and displays a different color. Otherwise, I could see where global peaking/clipping might be useful! :slight_smile:

Yes, but only if you select USB. When you select the OUT1&2 or Headphones for example, you won’t get any notice.

I just found a very not so important bug: when IN1 is turned up all the way, the clipping alert doesn’t work anymore. But I don’t see anyone doing that other then me whilst willingly clipping :smiley: