Send/Return - ANYWHERE - in the Signal Path?

I see on the back of the unit, there’s a couple of send and returns.

MY QUESTION: Can these be placed or used ANYWHERE in the signal path or chain?
So in one preset I have the send and return signal applied after an amp block, but in another preset I have it after a chorus pedal (or block) ???

I want to “add” a Eventide H9; but I want to add it in different places in different presets (or patches).

I am “considering” buying one. I have an Axe Fx III……but I want something smaller and lighter. To be honest, after seeing some many issues here on the forum; things like

  • No on/off power switch (how??)
  • Output volume issues

SoOOOOooOOOoo - OK…… can I put the Send/Return ANYWHERE in the signal path, or is it restricted?


Look on page 62 of the QC manual (Using external gear – FX loop). There’s an effects loop device block FX Loop 1 for effects loop 1 and FX Loop 2 for effects loop 2. These can be placed anywhere in the signal chain.