Scene/stomp hybrid mode

How great could it be to have an hybrid mode where
A to D switches are assigned to stomp and E to H are scenes?
You can tweak any block between scenes and change for example delay mix and have the possibility to have it assigned to a stomp switch

Something similar to what kemper can do in performance mode…

preach brother!

Already proposed.


Upss excuse me bro!!

2 different ideas mentioned here. The one that gets my backing is 4 scenes (within one preset) and 4 stomps.

The scenes is good but annoying if you want to flexibly add, say, a modulation or a pog etc to your sound on the fly … but if you have 3-4 different drives in that scene, you can only realistically choose 1 or 2

A hybrid mode would have scenes and then the option to just turn on one pedal over different sounds

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