Question about the meaning of the following

At the following link this person mentions two words I don’t understand. I want to purchase one of these sounds for my Quad Coretex - but one lable listed is “Quad Cortex Expansion DI” and the other is listed as “Quad Cortex CORE DI” - I use my QC outs to my interface a Focusrite Scarlet 18I20 - so will these work on my QC. I don’t understant the 2 phrases “EXPANSION DI” and “CORE DI”. Can some one explain. Will these work if I buy them on my QC

Yes, any of these will work on your QC. I own several. They are excellent.

- Essential DI - For very simple one channel amps with just a tone control there will be only an Essential DI set.
- Core DI - clean, edge, crunch, dimed, drive and lead gain levels with EQ settings close to the amps sweet spot - includes BRI, BAL, WRM settings. Includes close mic’d IR’s. This is where to start, if you are not sure, if you want all the tones from a particular amp.
- Expansion DI - clean, edge, crunch, dimed, drive and lead gain levels with EQ the more unusual settings (which often are spectacular sounding with particular playing styles, genres, guitars or pickups) - includes THN, FAT, SCP settings. Include’s IR’s with baked in room sound that are intended to be used with an external IR loader that allows long files - up to 2 seconds and that are meant to be mixed together with the close mic’d IR’s from the Core DI set. The Expansion DI set is meant to be purchased as an addition to the Core DI set, not as a standalone