Quad Cortex can not boot up

When I changed my preset to a factory preset, screen just not respond. Then screen turned black, so I disconnected power supply and try to reboot. But it didn’t work, lights are flashing and there is nothing on screen. Do you have any recovery method or recovery software?

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A while ago I had the same problem (flashing without booting). Nothing helped but opening a support ticket. They have sent me immediately a replacement unit. This one now works well so far.

I already fixed this problem. I opened backplane, reset tf card and pressed a little blue button few times during booting process. Then I saw welcome screen. Now it’s totally functional.

Hey @AoAoUnhappy. I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing.

We’re currently checking what could’ve caused this. Could you please send us some details to support@neuraldsp.com? If you already have a thread with us, include them as a reply.


How long did it take, to get a replacement?

Just one single day. That was great.

I just had the same issue. The unit froze right after I hit save, and never came back. Reboot leaves me with blink lights also.

In the same boat, blinking lights with no boot. emailed and sent a message through the website.

The same issue here, because of work I have not been able to use my QC, and after a month finally I was going to turn it on and the screen is dead and the knobs do not stop blinking. Already emailed the support team.

@Asoundchoice @diego.gonzalez-5499 Hey guys. I’m sorry to hear about that.

We already received your messages.

Please check your inbox and send us the requested info as soon as possible.

Thanks! I already sent you the asked information.


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Hi NDSP Team,

I have installed the beta version yesterday and already confirmed that it is working.

This morning I had update in QC screen and updated the unit.

Now I face an issue that all the captures which I donwload are not available anymore.

If I select the capture and do change device, I only can select the factory captures.

How can I fix this?

THank you in advance.


Robert Middel

I also have this issue, it worked fine last night, today I plugged it in and it’s stuck in boot. I didn’t perform any updates or even changed presets. I did also just send a mail to support.

Last night after several plug - unplug tries it worked and I could send a report to neural. Also I did a factory reset and then downloaded my backup and played a little bit. Today in the morning the screen is dead again. It is really weird. I also did not made any updates, I just left the unit there for around a month and one day tried to play and it didn’t work.

Hey @RJMiddel. Did you already contact support@neuraldsp.com? If not, please do it as soon as possible. We’ll give you some steps to fix your issue.