QC killer?

Please excuse the seemingly “click bait” title. However, in my case, it’s true!

I’ve been open in the past about how much I love the sound of my Quad Cortex, but at the same time have been vocal about how dated and limited the switching system is. Recently, one of the switches broke on my unit, so I had to send it back to Finland for repair from Australia. As a performing musician, i needed something to get me through the downtime so I purchased a Boss GX100 to get me through and i have to say it has been an absolute pleasure to use live.

In terms of switching functionality, you can custom assign the switches to do anything and they all have double tap functionality, which for a multifx that literally cost me 1/4 of what the quad cortex cost, this is incredible! Coupled with my third-party impulse responses, this thing sounds amazing, and I am just really enjoying using it.

I received my repaired Quad Cortex back a week ago, and to be honest, I haven’t even plugged it in to use and I’m at a point where I’m considering selling it. I’m sure I’m unlikely to get any official response from Neural DSP about whether they have any plans to overhaul the switching system on the Quad Cortex, as it took forever to implement the hybrid switching which I feel is a pretty pathetic system when you consider that most multi fx units on the market, and even those a fraction of the price of the QC have so much more capable switching than it has…

There’s no doubt that the Quad Cortex is superior in tonal quality, but for my purposes, the GX100 sounds excellent enough that, in the context of a live performance, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference… Do I hang out and hope and pray that the Quad Cortex Switching gets a much needed upgrade (doubtful i know) or do I just cut my losses and sell it? :thinking:

as much of a QC “purist/monogamist/elitist/whatever-you-wanna-call-it” as I may be, I think the Buy It (Use It) For What It Is Now philosophy will always apply.
If it doesn’t do what you need, and there aren’t workarounds/compromises you’re able to use, why hang on to it with no guarantee it’ll ever meet your needs exactly if something else presently does.

No one will blame you if you go with a unit that better suits your needs. Nothing wrong with that.


I’m hanging on to mine because I am confident it will do what I want when Control arrives.


agreed on th hybrid mode coments. Make sure to vote on the request below in order to make a change in the right direction