QC Horsepower and possible Compiler problems

Doug Castro
How does/will the two Sharc Chips stack up against the Fractal FM3 / AXE 3
I understand that the compiler for the Sharc has some issues that significantly decreases the horsepower and is quite a bit less than the advertised numbers would suggest.


The compiler issue does not reduce horsepower
The issue was the way Fractal writes the coding the compiler translates that code
For FAS it understood most of the code but missed things thats why it was hard to fix
Neural may never have this issue at all

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Thanks for the response Sean :
I was thinking that the Fractal coding was done in such a way that it’s coded efficiency would
help “maximize” the two Sharc cores DSP power. Therefore having to change the coding for the compiler would reduce it’s performance/power.


isn’t it 4 sharc Core?

Yes 2 per chip.
AFAIK there is no compiler problem and there has been none mentioned anywhere.