Possible ADAM overlap?

Hey all, I asked this on the DG Reddit but didn’t get any responses. As a guy who runs a ton of DG hardware, as well as Neural plugins , I’m finding myself jonesing for an ADAM, but I already have a Quad Cortex on order. Since ADAM is fully digital, I’m wondering how much overlap I’m looking at? I know none or few of us have played with the QC yet but any thoughts on this? I want it, I just don’t know if I need it, if that makes sense?

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This is coming from someone that was just talking about getting the ADAM not 2min ago.

IMO it really depends on how you will be using the units. In my case the QC is for live use, in the studio I have a lot of other hardware and plugins.
However, I travel a lot for work and to visit family and do not currently have a portable interface neither a very powerful laptop to have my neural plugins on thus having the ADAM would provide me with a portable interface, a bass channel strip and a solution for using in rehearsal while the QC is not here.

On a more general term, the ADAM has a distortion tone that is different from other DG pedals or blocks in the QC, on the other hand the block chain is fixed while on the QC you have full flexibility.

So think like this: if your use of the QC is limited to a couple of distortions, compression and cab sim then get the ADAM alone. Anything else the QC is the only answer and just wait until someone captures the ADAM… or splurge and get both.

If the QC does not get here until February and the new confinement ends by the end of the month I’m getting an ADAM and keeping it as my portable rig

This is actually exactly the insight I was looking for. I didn’t really take into account remote use, etc. The QC is mostly intended for guitar but I figured it’d also be super handy for bass.
Thanks! This is good stuff to consider.

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I was originally waiting on the DG ADAM. …but, I was getting that in hopes of simplifying my bass pedal board. I don’t use a lot of effects. It really just goes into a tuner, an AB, then one goes to a DG X7, the other goes to the DG Vintage Deluxe. From there, they combine and go into the DG Element. The idea was the ADAM would replace everything but the tuner. …but that would still leave my guitar pedal board. I do a similar AB setup where it goes into a tuner, a tubescreamer, then to the AB. From the AB, one goes to a Strymon Iridium (for clean to mid/classic high gain) and the other goes to a Revv G3 into a Two Notes Torpedo CAB M before combining to a single output. The QC would, assuming I like it, would resolve the issue of having either pedal board. I like really, really simple setups where possible.

I removed myself from the ADAM waiting list and got on the QC one. Certain to be waiting longer to get it… but I am good for right now until it ships.