Plans to improve noise reduction for Archetype: Abasi?

Hey Neural DSP team, first of all, thank you for your amazing products!

I’m thinking about buying another plugin and Abasi seems like a perfect fit but there’s one thing that stops me at the moment: it’s the noise reduction.

Compared to Granophyre, Nameless or Plini it seems to me that noise gate here works less efficiently. Even on a relatively low amount of gain, I’m having quite noticeable “tails” when playing chugging riffs or breakdowns on the second amp. I also don’t want to set the gate threshold too high as it starts to cut note tails at times. Surely I have compressor switched off in order to keep the noise level tamed.

I’ve experienced a similar problem with the 1st version of Archetype: Plinion on its third amp but it was fixed with the latest update - now I can dial plenty of gain there and don’t be afraid of the noise “tails”.

It’s a pity because the second amp in Archetype: Abasi is one of my absolute favorites tone-wise but that noise-reduction issue makes it a bit uncomfortable to use compared to other plugins.

Just wondering, do you guys have plans to improve it?

Hello, @vitaly.shemetovets. Thank you for your kind words.

We do have plans to improve it. The noise gate included will be updated to behave in the same way as the others. But first, we must update some older Plug-Ins.

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Awesome, thanks for the answer!

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