Parallax extremely noisy


I’m using Archetype Nolly as a plugin (with Reaper) with no issues, but I’ve just downloaded Parallax and will trial it, but I’m experiencing a huge amount of noise so much so, that it’s unusable. I never had issues with this before.

My PC is high spec and I’m using a Scarlett Solo as the audio interface (again no issues with Archetype Nolly). Any tips/tricks?


Hello @JimFoster. Is the noise caused by a drop in performance (crackling noise/audio dropouts)?

How is the CPU usage in comparison to the other Plug-Ins? Compare it with the Archetype: Nolly.

Parallax is a mess right now. It is noisy and screaches sometimes 40db louder. I have emailed Neural a number of times, they have admitted there is a problem and said they would eventually get to it. Frustrating, honestly.

Hi Gonzalo

CPU usage is the same as Archetype Nolly. However, I spent some time messing about yesterday - made some tweaks based on the documents you have about optimising for PC, reset audio devices etc and it seems to have improved. Not perfect (still a bit hissy/noisy - no crackles/pops) so I’ll keep playing around - thanks anyway.

@JimFoster Good to know that. Remember that you can contact us via email if you need further help. As @andrewjsmith0903 said, we’re aware of a specific bug that some users have experienced.

Hello, I use Parallax in a live application without noise issues. That being said, I’ve tried active pickups vs passive and I can say without a doubt the active pickups tend to hit the processors better than the passive and gives a better result. For some reason way less noisy with active than passive. Gate set at 55. Solid for finger, pick, and mute styles. Usually use a modified version of the bezerker preset. Thunderbird bass.