Noise Gate Help, PLEASE!

Guys, this suite is fucking fantastic. The clean tones are phenomenal. The high gain tones are as well with one issue, lack of a proper gate. What are you guys doing gate wise with the high gain amps? I liked that the NTS suite came with a gate. I’m having trouble recording with the Abasi suite as the gain amps are too squealy when muting and really hard to control.

Same issues here dude. I’m no noob and I reckon I’m pretty good at setting up high gain tones, but I’m struggling with the gate. I’ve dialled back the gain and checked my input levels into my interface as well as the plugin itself, but the gate still leaves a ‘tail’ of noise when I stop playing. It’s like it doesn’t close quick enough. I had the same issue with the Plini suite, but Neural solved it with version 2.0. I hope am update of the Abasi will solve the problem. ‘Intelligent’ gates, with just a threshold setting are fine when they work, but this is not up to the standard of the other features of the plugin suite which are excellent. Very frustrating!

So I’ve actually got it running pretty solid now. What I did was I opened the NTS suite and turned off the map and cab and run the zuul gate in front of the Abasi suite. Then use the gate on the abasi suite to find a sweet spot with the zuul. It’s perfect now.

Hi, same problem here. This plugin is fantastic, only this noise gate issue.
Hope they will fix it in next update :+1:

I had a nice email from Support promising to sort the Noise Gate issue in an update. Any idea when this may take place?

I have the same exact setup as you and my tone sounds like shit with this gate. Running a Solar A2.7 and those pickups are sensitive I’ve learned but I can’t get Abasi tight enough.

It’s now been many months. The Neural folks promised an update for Abasi, but still nothing.

I’ve been having to run Archetype Plini, with everything but the gate disabled in front of the Abasi to get control over the noise issues.
This is far from ideal in terms of simplicity, latency/CPU usage. The fact that it sort of works shows just how crappy the gate is on the Abasi.

I’m very, very frustrated. Some official notification from Neural giving at least a rough idea when the update will be done would be great. I’ve recently been given the opportunity to work with someone from a reasonably well-known band and I may have to ditch the Abasi and go back to the Kemper to avoid embarrassment!

the pain is real mates :slightly_frowning_face: