Newbie Questions - Various

Hey guys.

Here’s hoping a few of my questions can be answered:

  1. What is the difference, if any, between the modeling in the pay-for plugins and the models included in the Quad Cortex? Are the pay-for models more detailed? Are they captures rather than models?

  2. Has anyone noticed that amp models (including those in the QC) don’t seem to live up to the real thing? I would say even the QC captures are, over all, better. What I consistently hear in the Helix, QC, and others, is a very brittle, unnatural edge of breakup fizz that is just not present on a real amp (typically), nor on most amp captures. My gut feeling is that most or all are using fairly simple math models for the amplitude transient response of the gain stages, and not taking into account the inter-stage impedances and slew-induced limiting that takes place in real amps. Simply including inter-electrode capacitances around gain stages yields an incomplete model, as the slew-induced effects are not captured. I was wondering if the pay-for Neural plugins have delved in much deeper than what appears to be the case with the stock factory models in the current QC release?

2.1 High gain amp models seem to hide model defects much easier than clean and semi-dirty models do, as the edge of breakup tones from my observations, are very revealing in terms of how well the modeling is. It is unfortunate that in the modeling world in general, the focus always seems to be on high gain models and captures. In order to properly model a tube circuit, the high voltage effects (slewing etc.) need to be taken into account, but I am certain they are not. Too bad.

  1. I’m not sure why gymnastics are involved in storing and downloading items such as IR’s, captures, and presets, but is it a fact that the only way to access this feature on the QC is to first download an app for your phone? If I go to the directory on the Quad Cortex and click on Presets for example (not in the starred section), there are no presets that show up. Why is that?

  2. Are the QC developers on hiatus and recovering from the intense workload resulting from the push to get QC released? I hope there are some updates coming as there seems to still be much work ahead…

  3. The clean tones of amp captures are quite a bit quieter than the higher gain settings. What is the best way to compensate for that (I assume the output level control in the capture)? I think I would have compensated for the volume difference while creating the capture rather than the user having to do it after the fact.