Neural vs Line 6 and Fractal

Certainly, all valid points. I’m an old fart. Honestly, never heard of some of these ppl before my interest in NDSP Plugins and the QC. If a Plugin or Modeler inspires you to play then that alone makes it worth the price of admission or at least makes it worthy of consideration. My first 2 QCs went south. As a result I bought an FM3 (previously had zero experience with Fractal). I really like it. But I still gig with the QC. I find myself creating tones on the FM3 and Capturing them. I’m getting some unbelievable results! So, in a way, I’m glad the original QCs went south. Because of that, I discovered the world of Fractal. The QC and the FM3 together are unstoppable.

Okay, I created a preset with FM3 Captures. The Amps were created on the FM3 and then Captured. The Amps were run thru a variety of UAD and other plugins VIA Studio One. The FM3 was SP/DIF’d into an Apollo Interface and then into the Quad Cortex.

Look for me on the Neural App under MonteAllums. The name of the preset is FM3 AC30.

There are 3 Captures used:

BBE Sonic Stomp
FM3 AC30 NoCab
FM3 Deluxe Reverb NoCab

Both Amps have an Expression Volume Pedal assigned to (Exp 2) for Volume Swells.

4 Scenes per Amp. Scenes are Edgy Clean, Drive/More Delay/Reverb with varying amounts. I usually set up one preset with 2 Amps. One Clean or Edgy and one with Gain. I use the scenes for more drive and different effects.

As a P&W player this preset will cover just about any song we may do at any time on a given day that call for an Edgy AC30 Type vibe…

These are not high gain. But will cover that edge of breakup AC30/Deluxe Reverb tones very well. Enjoy! Let me know if you like them and what you think of the process of creating tones on the FM3 and Capturing them.

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I purposely stayed away from modelers for years. I’m very very picky about my equipment and tone. I discovered very early that what others felt was good tone wasn’t what I considered good. Even to the point of getting into modding amps and pedals to sculpture my own tone. It became a very good second income for my family and allowed my wife to stay home and homeschool my son and daughter.

But, as analog pedals (thru-hole) started giving way to smd, the market changed. I still feel a good tube amp gives one better tone. But as a P&W player stage volume became an issue and it was suggested (very strongly) that my tube amps had to go. So the QC at least gave me an opportunity to Capture my amps and pedal tone. I have to admit, the convenience alone is pretty awesome.

And no longer having to lug bags of gear and 65 lb. transformers around is a plus for my poor back. Now instead of a soldering iron and changing caps and resistors I now tweak 100s of parameters in an FM3 or Capture modded pedals and amps into my QC. The sheer range of offerings for guitarists are staggering. It still amazes me that ppl buy a piece of gear based on some artists recommendation.

But that’s where we are. It can be difficult to judge tone that’s streamed and compressed and piped out as bytes over the net. It seems the quality of todays music keeps getting worse and worse instead of better. But, thankfully converters have gotten so good it can be difficult to tell what’s a modeler and what’s not.

There are so many options available to us. My advice. Trust your ears. Advertisers and artists don’t always tell the truth. It’s up to us to filter out all the noise.


Thanks so much for sharing these! Can’t wait to try them out!!

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I signed on to buy the Neural Quad and was in the first 1,000. I have a Mesa Mk V, an Ax8, Kemper Stage and for the past several months the Quad. I’ve worked very hard to like the quad but at the end of the day it seems to be of limited value to me. The factory amps appear directed at heavy/metal, the member offerings are all over the place with little data as to what’s behind the recording.
The volume issues I raised at the outset remain, and twice mid gig I began to get clipping from certain patches.
End result I’m back with the Stage. I keep waiting to see if there is any update that will put it in as a serious contender but as yet it’s not up to my gig expectations.
With Kemper I have many, many patches and presets set up by renown professional that I can use, tweak - so far I’ve found very few in the Neural cloud.
I’ll keep my quad for a further 6 months, but if the issues I have still remain then, it’ll be Reverb time.