Neural vs Line 6 and Fractal

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I feel very much the same way. As someone who has been waiting 3 months for my QC from Sweetwater, this last Petrucci release was particularly hard to see. We better see some major improvements (esp those that have been promised) before we see any more archetypes.

Thinking about calling Sweetwater to cancel my order…


I feel same as you.
The things that were supposed to be added are still just ‘soon’.
There are also no PC editors and improved driver for windows yet.

I’m very tired of waiting for an update. Sometimes, I think that I have a lot of complaints.
but I change my mind when I see the receipt. I could say this much, right?


I totally agree with the efforts towards new plugins, seems like some of that time
should be put into the QC, i get any company wants big artist users but what about the customers buying a expensive hardware. I hope the next update is a big one as I expect much better from a £1,600 unit.


Same for me. I am now on the FM9 waitlist. QC looked very promising and I definetly wanted one, but not so much anymore. Maybe in a year, but maybe not.


I have an FM3 and a QC. I am designing amps on the Fractal and Capturing them with great results. I usually run the FM3 into Studio One, apply UAD and other plugins and then Capture them to the QC. The Fractal is awesome! Its ability to build convincing amp models down to the minutia of amp bias and treble caps is just amazing. I think the FM3 and QC together are a force of nature!


I’m with you…… this thing is “more batter than cake”…. I’m in the process of deciding what to replace mine with. I love the small size; but the love stops there.

I had an Axe Fx III - and I can tell you every 12 weeks, there was an update.

No looper, no (intelligent) harmonizer, reverb/delay spills won’t carry over on scene changes, and on and on……

Neural needs a dedicated team to this product and I doubt they have the vision for that. It’s a great concept - but SADLY - they spend more money on marketing than on product R&D and development. One or two cool ideas (small size, neural capture) doesn’t make a comprehensive product like these are. There’s a TON of thinking that has to go into something like this.



Neural seemingly prioritizing the plugins has been a huge slap in the face. I was extremely quick to pull the trigger on getting the qc because the plugins were so amazing…I hope it gets better sooooon.


I feel bad for qc owners. I’m already turned off by their redundant plugins.

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Dood, why are you here?


why not? I’m a paid customer. Sorry didn’t know you owned the internet.


Hum, didn’t get the memo I guess. lol

We don’t necessarily have to think that the plugins are somehow taking away from the QC device, more likely they’re based on the same architecture and what is developed in the plugins will eventually be available in QC. Rather we can think of the plugins as another distribution medium that has some additional flexibility that can accelerate and demonstrate what is to come on QC. There is some redundancy in these plugins, but that’s true of amp models and effects in all the leading modeler devices. What important to recognize though is each new Archetype plugin has introduced some exceptional new capability or feature. This indicates Neural DSP know how to develop software and we’ll all eventually benefit from that.


This has been one of my main gripes with digital modeling from the beginning. Most of them sound very much the same. I own an FM3. I really like it and the amount of detailed minutia by which you can edit the amps. There are literally hundreds of parameters you can tweak. What I discovered is the majority of all the amp models are derived from the same parameters. They literally took the many parts of an amp circuit and dissected each circuit in minute detail. I have captured the tone of my tube amps. My BFSR, my VibroVerb, etc. But the amps I’ve created on the FM3 are, by far, my favorites. But I find that all the FM3 creations sound similar. I guess I need to spend more time with it. Don’t get wrong, I really like the tone I’m getting from the Fractal. I just find that they sound a lot alike.

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I had the same experience with Fractal. 200 models that many sounded the same. Would you mind sharing some of the FM3 “creations” you’ve captured??

Sure, let me put together a couple of presets with Captures. I’ll contact you when they are ready.

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Awesome, looking forward to checking them out! Looking for some good “edge of breakup” tones for playing at church. Thanks!!

Can I get in on that too please?
I’m considering adding an FM3 or Axe-FX III
It’d be good to have an idea what’s possible

You bet, I’ll make them public.

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Well, I love JP and the plugin is absolutely stellar. I have practiced more in the three weeks I’ve owned the plugin than in the whole previous 3 years. it’s VERY good. Could they have made it without JP? Sure. Would I have even taken notice without JP? Not a chance in hell. I don’t know who Cory Wong, Tim Henson, Gojirra, etc., are, and you better believe I don’t own the plugins and have zero interest in even trying them, but they hooked me deep with JP.

In any case, I’m a Fractal guy. I owned the QC when Sweetwater started shipping them and returned it almost immediately. Still keeping my finger on the pulse for when its utilities grow into what I need. But overall, I think their plugin dept. and QC development are two completely different entities under the NDSP banner, so it might not be reasonable to expect them to divert all attention form both divisions to one, even though that would make QC owners very happy when content began to flood out.