Neural CoOs chavge policy

I would be nice if changes made to basic user functions ( like the change of stomp switching scheme :woozy_face:) in future updates will be selecteble .So both the new and old function are selectable .

Some of us use this unit to make a living , and we have to trust that functions we depend on will not sudently disapper .

The forced update of the reverb algorithms really messed with my live setup. I can not get the new ones to fit in the mix the same as the originals.
Really dissatisfied they weren’t included as legacy algorithms.
To me the new ones are harsher and sound like more typical digital verbs. The originals were lush, and downright warm in comparison. Really disappointed.

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…though under a firestorm of dismissals upon launch as inferior. But I agree they should make it a policy to keep legacy FX, like they did on the flanger!

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