My overall feedback to the Quad Cortex

thanks! I will definitly work on the gain staging. one of my major problems using the QC that everything sounds crunched etc…

I’ve got an Axe FX III, Helix, and have now added Quad Cortex to the collection.
I get great tones of of all three either into a Gemini 2 FRFR by Mission Engineering, a Line 6 Powercab Plus FRFR, or two JBL
EON 615’s I use as sidefill monitors.

Sounds great though all my JBL SRX, SR II mains and subs, and all my Presonus ULT Mains and subs.

I’ve owned a crap load of very expensive amps (and still have a few), and I don’t really miss any of them out gigging out playing in the church mega band!

I am waiting for some hybrid switching from Neural on the QC like 4 stomps/4 scenes mode! I live and die by this on the fractal and line 6 units!