Mono Multi-Output Option

Thank-you for adding the Multi-out feature in firmware 1.0.3.

The only problem is that since I use a mono power amp for on-stage monitoring, this feature is really not usable in my setup without a stereo sum box. Ideally this setup should work with minimal extra equipment and cabling.

It would be great if there were at least one multi-out mono option, so I’ll propose the following additional output options:

  1. Multi-out 1/2, 3, 4 (I.e. 1/2 stereo, 3 & 4 summed to mono).

  2. Multi-out Mono (i.e. 1,2,3,4 available as mono).

There is a better workaround than this to send to an on-stage power amp.

Before your signal splits to stereo paths and / or reaches the main output, place an fx loop block in your chain where you want to send to your power amp (post effects but before your cab block) and choose the send 1 or 2 output in fx loop block’s settings. This will carry a mono signal and by default any stereo effects on a path before it are summed unless they have been panned or the chain has been split and panned.

This reduces the need to run a separate path just to get your signal to your on stage power amp, and frees up the main outputs for DI use.


That’s a pretty good idea, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me as I’ve already accounted for those sends with a ZOIA in a stereo loop.