Mimiq Doubler effect pedal

It would be really nice to add some kind of stereo doubler effect pedal, like the Mimiq Doubler from TC Electronics; especially to use with different signal paths, like using two amps and cabs to get a really nice stereo sound.

there’s an easy way to get that thickening widening sound: you have your stereo paths panned hard L/R and run a very short mono delay on one signal path with the mix up 100%.

Mmm yea I know about this trick. The Mimiq does a bit more than this though. It alters the signal a bit to add “mistakes” so it’s not the same signal going L and R.

The delay trick could a good replacement; for now…

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totally agree here - this would eliminate the need to chew up a whole row just to get a stereo widening effect

There is another feature request on this with lots of votes - admin please merge

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