Low volume on send 1 only

Hello I have issues with my quad cortex and i was wondering if anyone had this issue before.

I run tracks on the QC from a bluetooth receiver.

The right side has the track with no click and the left with click, these come from the bluetooth receiver that has a 3.5mm out that i split to 2 ¼ inch that go to return 1 and 2.

Then I make the route for each return to the other send (return 1 goes ot to send 1 and return 2 goes out to send 2). I connect an xvive u 4 to each to make sure the click is separated, as the one with no click goes to FOH.

The volume is significantly louder on send 2 than send 1, by a lot.

I tried checking on the levels and all levels are the same for both sends and returns, tried from the bluetooth with a different spliter cable and nothing. Also tried bypassing the bluetooth and splitting the signal directly from the source and the result is the same.

Is this normal?

Has anyone experienced this?

I got my QC used for a reasonable price, all the rest works fine except that and I think this issue eas not present before I updated to 2.3.1.

Is important to me to have these at least at the same level.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

The problem is not related to Bluetooth connection or signal spitting. If you have tried different approaches , I can suggest a few potential cause :

  • Output level calibration
  • Gain stagging
  • Hardware Isuue