Line in input icon?

After downloading a preset on he cloud (Aku Live Setup)

just saw a line in input 1,what is that for?

Thank’s for the answer , it’s the first time I see this , including all the factory presets and everything I’ve downloaded on the cloud, bizarre…?
When I play , the line disappear and as soon as I stop the line become full?
Didn’t find anything concerning this in the Quad Cortex manual…

It’s the ‘Noise Reduction’ feature of the Input block, introduced in the 1.4 Firmware (June 2022).

See page 12 of the manual for more details :slight_smile:

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thank you, I learn day by day with the Quad…

Thank you very much I will take a look for sure :+1:

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you can turn that noise gate off in the input block, that’s probably why you haven’t seen it before- it’s probably defaulted to ‘bypassed.’

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