Is it possible to damage unit when effects loop pushed to 54 dB

Just wondering if it is possible to damage the unit internally by accidentally turning up the effects loop levels too high? It certainly did not sound good through my speakers. I have a Strymon Timeline in the effects loop and I was just adjusting the send/return by 2-3dB when my finger swiped in a manner that threw the level all the way up to 54 dB.


I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Although you may have driven the loop output and/or the Timeline into clipping, I don’t think you could cause any permanent damage. How did it sound once you turned the loop gain back down? If you’re running into an instrument-level input on the Timeline, remember that it’s designed for a relatively low-level signal. You’ll want to keep the loop output gain set pretty low.

Awesome, thanks very much for the response!
Things seem to sounds fine but it is funny how I listen to things more critically now that this event happen and may be imagining slight differences that were actually always there.
I will continue to keep an ear open for any changes and will lpsot back.

Glad to hear it. Happy picking!

…and yes, it’s amazing what your mind can convince your ears that they’re hearing. :laughing: